All Trousers…

In Britain we have a saying that encapsulates the characteristics of someone who talks a great deal but doesn’t back up their speech with action. We say that they are “All mouth and no trousers”…The groups and individuals below have not only said that they were going to offer support, advice and donations to the pilot groups, they actually came through with the goods.

I extend my thanks to them and hope that giving them a shout out on this blog lets other people know how much their contributions are appreciated.

Companies that contributed fabric and other vital donations to the ‘Sew good’ project

Touch of Style Interior Decor: http://

Safari Court Hotel, Windhoek:

Vanilla House Interiors:

The Mammadu Welcome Center (donated buttons, thread and sewing machines):

Hertex Fabrics:

Gecko Signs:

businesses and individuals that have supported or promoted the ‘sew good’ project

Xceptional Tourism Services:

The Zero Waste Store, in Klein Windhoek, which has stocked ‘Sew Good’ upcycled, reusable shopping bags made from high-quality, donated furnishing fabric:

Rivendell Guesthouse in Windhoek West stocks ‘Sew Good’ bags for sale to tourists staying in the city who prefer not to purchase single-use plastic bags:

The Chameleon Backpackers Hostel in Windhoek also stocks ‘Sew Good’ bags for sale to tourists, especially useful for self-catering guests who need to shop in town or take groceries when they go on a camping trip:

Thanks also to professional photographer Terry Allen, for use of the Komodo dragon photograph:

Advice, support and donations of used hospitality soaps to the ‘Good and Clean’ project

Safari Court Hotel, Windhoek: